Daniel Brogren AB

Tetra Monitor

The Application is a TETRA-network coverage tool installed on an Android device connected to Sepura or Airbus TETRA terminal. It provides a an easy to use interface to collect network coverage information and the ability to export data for post processing to other commercial programs such as Excel or Google Earth.

The application is available for free trial via Google Play. Features is added continuously and customers’ needs is what’s driving the development of the application. For more information contact daniel.brogren@dabr.se or download the latest data sheet from our download site or check out the Youtube videos.


-Get network information including serving cell and all neighbor cells

-Getting network information at periodical time and store the information in a database

-Export and import of CSV-file

-Export network information to KML-file that can be opened in Google Earth

-Setting notes that is stored together with the network information in the CSV-file (eg. When working with indoor coverage where there are no GPS-coverage)

-Trigger SDS to be sent to a predefined ISSI when RSSI is reduced

-Possibility to send AT-commands to radio

-Dump of all serial communication between radio and device

-Send SDS messages.

Benefits compared to PC-application

- It can be carried around to do measurements

- It have a long battery life

- It have built in GPS that can be used instead of using the radios GPS

- It have more capabilities that can be used later on for new features (e.g. sending SMS)

Price and payment

Payment is done via PayPal, bank wire transfer or Bitcoin.

1-5 Licenses, 160USD/License

6-10 Licenses, 140USD/License

11- Licenses, 120USD/License

Send the serial number for your Android-device and the

prefered currency and method of payment to